We Love Dominant Girls

Fetish and Femdom

Humiliatrix is a free website, dedicated to the beauty and majesty of dominant girls.

The spirit underlying the project is that of sharing a way of life and helping people to understand that “different” is not equal to “ugly” or “wrong”: simply, having “deviant” erotic fantasies is just having a lot of fun and being free!

We love dominant girls, yes, we think that males should worship and serve females, because this would lead to a much better, pleasing and funny world.


What We Offer

Discover Humiliatrix World

On our website you will find a selection of fetish, femdom and BDSM contents, taken from the web, always with their watermark so that you can go and look for more on their original websites.

Also, you will find contents provided from our models and from free private contributors that will want to share their media with us and with you.

We have premium services as well. Our dominant girls can manage your forced chastity, help you to realise your secret fetish fantasies and sell their items.


Have a Deeper Dive

More About Humiliatrix

We have tried to categorise galleries, defining also a set of contents that are ok only for adults, because genitals or explicit contents appear. You know, this lifestyle is strictly connected to erotism and sexual pleasure.

Femdom can be lived as a game or a lifestyle, or even as a long lasting game that mimic a lifestyle, which is the best solution and most harmonic relationship.

We have a section dedicated to this kind of lifestyle and we would love to get feedbacks from you, especially from couples.

we love dominant girls