real life femdom style and rules

The philosophy of Female Domination

Real Life Femdom

Bringing female supremacy to real life is simply the most intensive role game you could ever dream of.

And this is the basic idea we love and follow.

Real life female domination does not mean that men have to loose their strength and will in everyday life, it just means that when in intimacy with their women, they have to obey, worship, serve and desire.

This really intensive game can be played for one day, for a week, for months, or just for a couple of hours, obviously it doesn’t require a real life time game. But when you will be living it, you will be engaged like never else, we can assure!

The basis of a domestic femdom relationship is that the man will not be allowed to have orgasms without the permission of his Dominant. This is mandatory. The slave must be kept full of desire, at any time.

On the other hand you know that ejaculation is really necessary for man’s health, so you have to let your male slave jerk off his useless sperm, but without having a real orgasm. There are techniques for that, we are going to explain…!

Slaves are not allowed to have orgasms

Keep your slave always burning with desire

forced male chastity in real femdom lifestyle

How to keep your man a healthy slave

Milking an other techniques

Men have to ejaculate regularly, because keeping sperm inside is really dangerous for their health.

On the other hand, when men have orgasm they loose their submissive attitude and any kind of attention for their Dominant decrease or disappear at all… So, how to solve the problem? We want submissive men, full of attentions for their Dominants, always worshipping, serving and obeying, but we want them healthy.

No problem! Men can ejaculate without having orgasm, or at least a fully gratifying orgasm.

There are different ways…


Milking is when you stimulate your slave’s prostate, through his rectum. You can use two fingers, or a dildo. There are very specific tools, like the Aneros series, which are explicitly designed to stimulate the prostate and cause ejaculation of sperm, without any kind of orgams. The penis can even be down or closed in a chastity cage.

This approach is interesting also because it requires anus penetration, which is surely a correct experience for our slaves.


This is what we love. It is definitely a frustrating experience for the slave and permits a perfect release of sperm. It is terribly funny for the Mistress as well!

It is simple: the slave’s penis will be stimulated as you prefer, for example through self masturbation or with your feet, or even you can use your slave to have regular sex, but when the slave will be ready for his orgasm, nothing will have to touch or stimulate his penis anymore. Let the penis contract alone, don’t touch it, neither you nor the slave himself, nothing and nobody…!

Sperm will be ejaculated, the slave will have some kind of pleasure, but frustration and lack of fulfilled desire will be much stronger. He will not have a full orgasm, his desire will remain active and, even better, most of slaves are almost immediately ready again with erection, usable for other sex as you want!

edging and orgasm denial