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We are proud and happy to invite girls to share their pics and videos on our website.

It is completely free, will always be free and no commercial use will be made of their contributions.

Simply, you send us your photos and/or videos and we evaluate them: if your contribution is great, then we will immediately post it on our website.

 We will also post the name you indicate, your email address (if you want that) and links to any of your social pages: personal website, Instagram, Facebook, etc…

You can send as many contributions as you wish, you are welcome.

Keep in mind that we can reject items that we do not judge appropriate for our website!

Also, please keep in mind that you must read and agree the “How tos and Conditions” that you can find below in the page.

Please send your candidate contributions to:



How tos and Conditions

Humiliatrix is seen by an increasing number of visitors all around the world, it is a great place to promote yourself in the fetish and femdom arena.

Here everything is free and safe, what we simply ask is that contributions have to be of good quality and fulfil the following rules:

  • You must be either a girl or a dominant trans of legal age

  • Your role must be dominant

  • Groups of girls or groups of trans are welcome as well, but must be of legal age and have dominant role

  • Same as above for couples Mistress/slave or cuckold stories or such groups of Dominants and submissive

  • You must provide a name to be associated with you material

  • You can provide email and any other link to be published with your contributions

  • No telephone number will be posted here

  • Specify if you are interested in selling your worn items

  • Specify if you are available to virtually manage forced chastity of slaves

  • Contributions must be without children, without animals and respect all the common international laws

  • You can also be a fetish/femdom website and contribute with your own productions, provided the above rules are respected